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The Festival in Lugo
Nicola Piovani
“La musica è pericolosa – Concertato”
with an homage to Fabrizio De André

Rossano Baldini keyboards and accordion
Marina Cesari sax and clarinet
Pasquale Filastò cello, guitar
Ivan Gambini drums
Marco Loddo double bass
Nicola Piovani piano

A true musical narrative entrusted to live instruments: piano, double bass, percussions, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, cello and accordion. At the lead is Nicola Piovani, an appreciated film score composer and a master of Italian cinema, who will tell us about his work with Fabrizio De André, and his collaborations with a series of important film directors. The programme will feature some never performed works as well as the new, especially rearranged versions of well-known titles. Memories and stories will unravel, words will reach where music can’t, and music will take over where words fail. The narrative will be complemented with fragments from films and live shows, and with the pictures that such renowned visual artists as Luzzati and Manara have especially dedicated to Piovani.

The Programme