© Andrea Bernabini

Mike Stern Band

Mike Stern electric guitar
Leni Stern electric guitar, n’goni, vocals
Bob Franceschini sax
Jimmy Haslip electric bass
Dennis Chambers drumkit

in collaboration with Lugo Contemporanea

“When Miles Davis tells you to get clean, you have to understand that something is wrong”. Just like the divine Miles, with whom he played in the turbulent early eighties after stints with Blood, Sweat & Tears and Billy Cobham (and before that a long time with Pastorius), Mike Stern is one of those rare musicians whose extraordinary technical skills do not detract from his flair and experience. A master of the elusive musical playground of fusion, his guitar carves out expressive trajectories that are as foreign as they are familiar, underpinned by an old-school taste that echoes the lessons he received from Jim Hall, whose refined lyricism coexists with a fierce creative fire. All the more so when those who accompany him are members of his own elite.

The Programme