Sounds and Visions

Matteo Ramon Arevalos compositions and piano
Dandy Ruff video preparato

Loutra Photos, for video piano prepared with mosaic tiles from a work by the artist Roberto Pagnani

Rituel in Raga Yaman Kalyan, for piano and electronic tanpura with videoart elaboaration Streamcolor by Giacomo Giannella of Marco Bravura’s works

La Folia, for video piano prepared with paper figures by the artist Vanni Cuoghi
12 variation about “La Follia”

A simple but revolutionary idea: placing objects – or, better, works – between the strings of a piano, and watching as they transform in the performance through their projections on a screen. If Loutra Photos is dedicated to Roberto Pagnani’s “sources of light”, mixed media elements installed on his piano strings, Rituel is a tribute to India, where the piano and electronic tanpura are enriched by Marco Bravura’s mosaics in a video by Giacomo Giannella. Vanni Cuoghi’s paper Dames and Demons, engaged in a battle between good and evil, are the protagonists of La Follia, while the début of Via Lactea a collaboration with video performer Dandy Ruff, closes the concert with sound explosions and dazzling gleams.

1h without intermission