© Silvia Lelli

Giuseppe Verdi
libretto Francesco Maria Piave and Andrea Maffei
from the tragedy with the same name by William Shakespeare

conductor Riccardo Muti

Macbeth Luca Salsi
Banco Riccardo Zanellato
Lady Macbeth Vittoria Yeo
Lady-in-waiting Antonella Carpenito
Macduff Francesco Meli
Malcolm Riccardo Rados
Medico Adriano Gramigni

Orchestra e Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
choirmaster Lorenzo Fratini

concert performance

Riccardo Muti had been the musical director of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino for a few years when, in 1974, he conducted his first Macbeth, one of the operas where Verdi’s tireless research for a new dramatic effectiveness is most evident. “With Macbeth, Muti declares, we enter a prophetic world… It was composed as early as 1847, but the score is extremely refined and the colours of the orchestra, at times, foreshadow Expressionism.” Indeed, what Verdi was after was “drama”, that is, the dramatic quality that radiates from the music itself, beyond all stage creation. And this is what Muti is after, too, in his tireless interpretive research: he now deliberately returns to this opera after decades, once again with the Maggio Fiorentino, but this time in concert form.

1st Act 50’ – Intermission 20’ – 2nd Act 35’ – Intermission 15’ – 3rd and 4th Act 1h 20’
Total 3h 20’

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