Via Sancti Romualdi 2023
L’uomo del futuro
On the centenary of Don Lorenzo Milani’s birth (1923-1967)

conversation with Eraldo Affinati
narrator Margherita Rondinini

with an introduction by Giorgio Gualdrini

in collaboration with Associazione Romagna-Camaldoli

“Dear Michele, dear Francuccio, dear boys, ⦋…] I have loved you more than God, but I hope He doesn’t care about all these subtleties, and has noted everything to His advantage. A big hug, your Lorenzo”.
These few words, written shortly before his death at the age of 44, come from the will of Don Lorenzo Milani, a priest who had dedicated himself entirely to the impoverished communities of Calenzano and Barbiana, where he had been assigned. There he founded a school tailored to their needs, a radical experience that continues to challenge the world of culture, education and society as a whole. His commitment to justice and equality is summed up in this well-known quotation: “Other people’s problems are my problems. Overcoming them together is good politics. Overcoming them alone is avarice“.