© Luca Concas

L’ultima immagine, James Hillman’s Ravenna

conversation with Silvia Ronchey
led by Chiara Lagani

Not only is L’ultima immagine the summae, the final outcome of James Hillmann’s investigation of images, which has always substantiated his idea of the soul and his entire psychology, but it is also the ethical and political will of a major thinker of the XX century.
The first half of his conversation with Silvia Ronchey, inspired by the images of the Ravenna mosaics, took place in September 2008, the same month and year as the Wall Street crash. For the second part, in October 2011, Hillman was on his deathbed. Silvia Ronchey, the outstanding scholar of Byzantine history and Hillmann’s privileged counterpart, will talk about Hillmann’s time in Ravenna, visiting churches and baptisteries face up in the air, following in the footsteps of Carl Gustav Jung.

The event will be streamed starting from 9 June at 6 pm on ravennafestival.live