© Marco Borrelli

Ludus Gravis
double bass ensemble

Daniele Roccato double bass soloist
Francesco Platoni, Giacomo Piermatti, Alessandro Schillaci, Stefano Battaglia, Paolo Di Gironimo, Andrea Passini,
Simone Masina, Mauro Tedesco double basses

Giacinto Scelsi
“Mantram“ for double bass solo

Daniele Roccato
Minima Colloquia #4 “Vilma’s Memories” for double bass solo

Sofja Gubajdulina
“Mirage: The Dancing Sun“ for eight double basses

Francesco Antonioni
“Altre Isole” for eight double basses (2019)

Stefano Scodanibbio
“Ottetto” for eight double basses (2012)

“With no rhyme or reason. Total Sauvagerie; open horizons. Substantiating a solitary activity. Out-of-the-ordinary manual skills. Music as a way of life”. This is how Stefano Scodanibbio opened his notes on the Octet composed for Ludus Gravis, the ensemble he founded to pursue his conception of music, and more. This idea translated into his own relationship with the double bass, and into an improvisation technique open to the unknown and the unexplored.

The Programme