direzione artistica di Giovanni Sollima

con la partecipazione straordinaria di
Davide Sciortino
Le donne della Notte della Taranta
Miguel Ángel Berna e Manuela Adamo
Moreno il Biondo e Fiorenzo Tassinari
Rushad Eggleston
Sarah Jane Morris

It’s a highly hedonistic party that Giovanni Sollima and his guests will stage at the Rocca Brancaleone. As suggested by with the title, a tribute to David Bowie’s album by the same name, produced by Chic’s Nile Rodgers, the entire evening will see a stream of sounds inviting to dance in its broadest possible sense. From Romagna farmyard balls to the quadrille, from tango to the pop the youth love, from dance music made in Italy to the rhythms of the pizzica – the great cello ensemble has one single goal: transforming a concert venue into a unique, unrepeatable dance floor, inviting the audience on a long exciting journey into the joyful physicality of music. A merry, lavish celebration of rhythm, which it will be impossible to resist.