Les Italiens de l’Opéra de Paris
Dance gala

artistic direction Alessio Carbone
maître de ballet Francesco Vantaggio
lighting designer James Angot

with Valentine Colasante, Paul Marque, Bleuenn Battistoni, Ambre Chiarcosso, Antonio Conforti, Nicola Di Vico,
Giorgio Fourès, Sofia Rosolini, Andrea Sarri, Bianca Scudamore

distributed by International music and arts

Allons enfants de l’Italie: the swarm of Italian étoiles of the Paris Opéra, led by principal dancer Alessio Carbone, return to be admired at home. Ten talented dancers who have made their way to—and now proudly dominate—the Ballet National, where only a small percentage of the company can be foreign. They are renewing a tradition that has seen Italian étoiles shine in the French firmament since the XIX century. With ballet running in his DNA (his father, Giuseppe Carbone, was a choreographer; his mother, Iride Sauri, a prima ballerina), Alessio now coordinates the group in a programme that combines classical and contemporary dance, where each dancer’s individual qualities are highlighted by the varied repertoire of one of the world’s most prestigious companies.

The Programme