The Festival in Forlì

From Leonard Bernstein to Justin Timberlake

Chicago Children’s Choir
conductor Josephine Lee

responsabile programmi e coreografie Judy Hanson
piano John Goodwin
bass Dave Hiltebrand
drum Marquis Carter
guitar Kellen Boersma
tastiere e batteria Mitchell Owens

The world saved by children, or rather by children’s voices: the Chicago Children’s Choir has been providing fertile ground for true globalization since 1956. Youth from diverse backgrounds, selected through programmes in more than 70 city schools, are united through music to become global citizens. They sing of freedom and of the future, choosing from a versatile repertoire; they can tackle Bernstein’s scores alternating them in a reckless vocal show with a medley of Michael Jackson’s hits or with the super-pop of another young star, Justin Timberlake. In Forlì, CCChoir is going to move us again with its ruffled international sound wave, daringly mixing the sacred of gospel with the profane of protest songs. Any kind of music warms the heart, provided it is shared.

about 1h 20’ without intermission