A bridge of brotherhood through art and culture
The Roads of Friendship
Riccardo Muti

Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Coro della Cattedrale di Siena Guido Chigi Saracini
choirmaster Lorenzo Donati
Coro a Coro led by Rachele Andrioli

Nicolò Balducci countertenor
Giovanni Sollima cello
Lina Gervasi theremin

Samia Suite
electroacoustic composition by Alessandro Baldessari
orchestrated by Claudio Cavallin
commissioned by Ravenna Festival

Giovanni Sollima
Stabat Mater for countertenor, theremin, choir and orchestra
on verses by Filippo Arriva

Migrants songs

Scenes of war, mass displacement, migration, suffering and death are just everyday news. This is the evil that we are becoming accustomed to. And thus, it is within ourselves, in the depths of our conscience, that we should look for new “paths of friendship”, to rediscover the vibrations of the heart, a feeling of compassion, and the joy of a welcoming embrace. Once again, through the universal language of music, Riccardo Muti will lead the audience across a new bridge of brotherhood. This bridge, slender but necessary, joins the shores of the Mediterranean, which is now a sea of death, in a unison cry of hope. With the dramatic mood that permeates the archaic yet ultramodern language of Sollima’s Stabat Mater, a tender and heart-rending embrace that smells of love.