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Young Artists for Dante

Le stelle di Dante
Spettacolo per marionette, attori, poeti, scienziati e alieni

of and with Mariasole Brusa e Gianluca Palma
in collaboration with Teatro del Drago

The Stars of Dante. A show for marionettes, actors, poets, scientists, and aliens
Robotic aliens Moka and Hertz are passionate about all finds from that odd and far-away planet called Earth. The chance to learn its secrets is offered by the discovery of the work of some Dante Alighieri, whom the aliens believe to be a scientist and an explorer describing the actual fauna and morphology of his planet. Le stelle di Dante (The Stars of Dante) opens an unexpected perspective on the Commedia through the powerful technique of the estrangement, entrusting the narrative to the marionettes, while suggesting that science and poetry are two complementary and equally necessary visions of the world. Gianluca Palma and Mariasole Brusa created All’inCirco in 2011 as a research project on puppetry and street theatre, featuring different languages (puppets, marionettes, clowning, shadow play, live music…). Moving on from the Italian and world traditions with a keen eye for the contemporary developments, All’inCirco hand-crafts puppets, marionettes, scenes, often using recycled materials, and creates its original stories.

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