con Federico Buffa

pianoforte Alessandro Nidi
fisarmonica Nadio Marenco
voce Cecilia Gragnani

regia Emilio Russo e Caterina Spadaro
direzione musicale Alessandro Nidi
allestimento scenico Cristiana Di Giampietro
costumi Pamela Aicardi
luci Mario Loprevite

produzione Tieffe Teatro Milano
centro di produzione diretto da Emilio Russo

Starting from the story of one of the most controversial Olympic Games ever, the piece tells a tale of sports and war. Berlin, summer 1936: the world watches in guilty silence as the tragedy of the Spanish Civil War unfolds, peace starts to crack on the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis, and Hitler wants his Olympics to be the apotheosis of the Aryan race. Instead, those Olympics became a shining symbol of equality. On the first day, two black athletes reached the podium of the high jump: Cornelius Jonshon and Dave Albritton. Jesse Owens won as many as four medals, setting two world records and an Olympic one. Everything was filmed by Leni Riefensthal, who committed to history Hitler’s disdainful grimace at Owen’s third gold medal.