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Young Artists for Dante

L’amore degli angeli
Elogio della profondità

created by the students of the Liceo Artistico “Nervi-Severini” di Ravenna

The Love of the Angels. In Praise of Depth
Once upon a time, artists invoked the Muses before starting their work; even Dante invoked them at the beginning of every cantica. Nowadays the concepts of ‘poetic’ and ‘artistic’ have almost lost their meaning: is it still possible to create beautiful and meaningful works, an art which is not an end in itself or sheer provocation and vanity on the artists’ part? Dante’s works and Giulio Bergonzoli’s statue The Love of the Angels, dating back to 1863 and whose original plaster is conserved in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Ravenna, are the starting point for a reflection on the meaning of art-making today. Indeed sculpture and theatre both possess – compared to painting, cinema, television, computer and mobile phone screens – the third dimension, depth. Therefore they can represent an invitation to access a different perception of time and reality. This is the key-stone of the show created by the students of the local artistic lyceum (Liceo Artistico “Nervi-Severini”), that for over 70 years has been the training ground of the next generation of artists. Combining acting, dance, music, painting, and set design, the students pay homage to the mixed teaching they receive, which comprises both theoretical and practical subjects.

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