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Music and Cinema
La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc

the Carl Theodor Dreyer’s film (1928)
with fifteenth century music performed by

Orlando Consort
Matthew Venner countertenor
Mark Dobell tenor
Angus Smith tenor
Donald Greig baritone
and with
Robert Macdonald bass

Italian premiere

The second chapter of “Music and Cinema” features another masterpiece: Dreyer’s Passion of Joan of Arc accompanied by the beautiful a cappella voices of the English ensemble Orlando Consort. The last masterpiece of silent cinema, the film is a symphony of tight close-ups of the heroin, her accusers and other characters, which makes it a timeless film whose predominant theme is pain. The excruciating images are accompanied by a selection of fifteenth century music, composed during Joan of Arc’s lifetime (1412-1431). The effect is that of an unusual miracle play of great intensity, which will find a most suitable setting in the minimal space of the church of St Francis.

1h 40’ without intermission