Ivano Marescotti legge Stecchetti

Moreno il Biondo & Orchestra Grande Evento
Mirco Mariani & Orchestra eXtraliscio

“A great manipulator of slang and dialects, and a master of counterfeit”: this is Olindo Guerrini in Piero Camporesi’s words. His ability to “disguise” and switch between language codes will be the common denominator of the performances staged against the backdrop of the Palazzo San Giacomo. On the one hand is Marescotti with Guerrini’s Romagnol Sonnets: published posthumously by the poet’s son, Guido, these poems have come to represent the true mask of the Ravenna locals, with whom they are more popular than his Italian production. On the other hand are such “manipulators” of music as Moreno il Biondo and Mirco Mariani, who, with eXtraliscio, their Futurist orchestra, mix local polkas and experimental sounds, deftly fusing (and con-fusing) tradition and re-invention, and launching into a forward-looking dancehall sort of punk.