Karan Casey voce

Kevin Crawford flauto
Trevor Hutchinson basso
Sean Smyth violino
Cillian Vallely pipes
Sean Og Graham chitarra

Caítlin Nic Gabhann concertina, Irish dance
Mick O’Brien uilleann pipes, whistles, flauto
Ciara Ni Bhriain violino

Birkin Tree
Laura Tortertolo voce
Elena Spotti arpa irlandese
Fabio Rinaudo uilleann pipes, whistles
Michel Balatti flauto traverso irlandese
Fabio Biale violino, bodhran
Claudio De Angeli chitarra

dalle ore 15.00 alle 18.00 c/o Palestra Comunale di Russi

Laboratorio di danza irlandese
insegnante Deirdre Mc Ready
ingresso al laboratorio € 18

si ringrazia l’Ambasciata d’Irlanda in Italia

Their Gaelic names translates as “the wedding of the Sun god”, or maybe just “the festival” of Lugh, celebrating wheat and the harvest season. Lúnasa, an Irish super group, best represent their country’s music tradition. Since 1997, their creative arrangements and bass groove have been pushing the tradition of the Shamrock Isle towards surprisingly new territories. Their performances perfectly fuse music and dance, resulting in moments of either great lyrical intensity or high impact and sheer energy, both deeply, unmistakably Irish. The “long night” will then proceed with the suggestions created by more extraordinary guests, like Birkin Tree, on stage for 30 years and the only Italian band to perform Irish music regularly in Ireland.