John De Leo Jazzabilly Lovers
feat. Rita Marcotulli and Enrico Rava

John De Leo vocals
Enrico Terragnoli guitar
Stefano Senni double bass
Fabio Nobile drum

Rita Marcotulli piano
Enrico Rava trumpet

in collaboration with Lugocontemporanea

Of all the experimental jazz singers in Italy today, John De Leo is one of the most interesting: with his malleable voice, his unclassifiable style and his taste for musical adventure, he has created the Jazzabilly Quartet, a project he has had in mind for years, in which rock ’n’ roll and jazz are mixed in a bewildering and entertaining way. Presley and Coltrane, the Stray Cats and jazz standards are juxtaposed and transformed by De Leo with unbridled gusto as he explores possible connections between seemingly incompatible repertoires, always in a playful spirit in which voice and instruments perform bewildering somersaults and jump between styles with consistency and curiosity. Regularly supported by his no less brilliant trio, De Leo is joined on this occasion by two truly exceptional guests: Rita Marcotulli, an incomparable improviser whose sound is unique and inspired, and Enrico Rava, the living legend of jazz.