Joan La Barbara
Voice Is the Original Instrument

Solitary Journeys of the Mind
solo for amplified voice

sound-painting inspired by Joseph Cornell, Virginia Woolf, Antoni Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright

followed by a conversation between Joan La Barbara and Franco Masotti

Joan La Barbara has devoted her entire artistic career, shaped by a 20-year collaboration with John Cage, to exploring the manifold potential of the human voice: far more than a means of expression, her voice is a true compositional instrument with which she gives sound form to the works of contemporary composers, becoming de facto their co-author. Well aware of the creative potential of her own voice, La Barbara also uses it in works that she conceives from scratch. Solitary Journeys of the Mind explores real-time composition, fusing sound emissions, imaginary languages and phantasmagorical forays. Windows… makes extensive use of electronics and a layering of recorded sounds to recreate the dream-works of Antoni Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright, inspired by the writings and sculptures of Joseph Cornell and Virginia Woolf.