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Teatro dei Due Mari, Daf – Teatro dell’Esatta Fantasia
The Cyclops

satyr play by Euripides

translation by Filippo Amoroso
Edoardo Siravo Ciclope
Giovanni Moschella Sileno
Eugenio Papalia Ulisse

Coro dei satiri
Francesco Natoli, Michele Falica, Patrizia Ajello, Tony Scarfì

direction Angelo Campolo
music Marco Betta live performance by
Francesco La Bruna violin
scenic movements
Sarah Lanza
set and costume design Giulia Drogo
sound designer Giovanni Puliafito
direction assistant Simone Corso

production Teatro dei Due Mari, compagnia Daf-Teatro dell’Esatta Fantasia

Who are today’s “primitives”? Are all foreign-language speaking strangers really different from us? These questions underlie a new reading of the only complete surviving satyr play, now staged in the Ancient Port of Classe (the entry point for all arrivals). The play challenges the usual reading of Polyphemus as the bestial creature defeated by Odysseus’ cunning. In Euripides, the savage Cyclops seems to know better, and replies with his personal philosophy to a lesson of “civilization” by the hero of Ithaca: “Wealth, little man, is God to the wise, and the rest is nought but idle talk and clever words. I say let it be damned! To drink and eat my fill without worrying about tomorrow: this is Zeus to me.” After myths have fallen, “barbarians” resemble a deteriorated picture of Western civilization, the deforming mirror of a disintegrating system of values.

1h 20’ without intermission