© Jenny Carboni

Young Artists for Dante

Malebolge Club
Il canto dei diavoli
by and with Franco Costantini, Cesare Flamigni, Giovanna Vigilanti

with the participation of the students and parents of the ICS di Russi “A. Baccarini”
Anita Aleotti, Olivia Aleotti, Nicoletta Bacchi, Jenny Carraro, Alessandro Cellini, Sandro Cellini, Sara Cellini, Viola Gennari, Diego Massimo Langone, Andrea Mazzoni, Martina Mazzoni, Natan Morcio, Alessio Salvatori, Annalisa Salvatori,
Francesco Spada, Margherita Spada, Michela Zama, Nicola Zauli
management Jessica Berti

in collaboration with Mario Arnaldi and Luca Felloni
thanks to Associazione Culturale “La Grama” (San Pancrazio)

The Canto of the Demons
The canto XXI of Dante’s Inferno – also known as the “canto of the demons” – is the most theatrical, comical, and satirical of the whole Commedia. Here corrupt politicians are immersed in boiling pitch, and here lives the worst species of demons: the Malebranche! As the poet describes these demons also as clumsy, playful, quick-tempered pranksters, the play Il canto dei diavoli features a group of children in the role of the demons, all identified with today’s stereotypes. The play also showcases songs, clowning, and the performance of demon guitarist Malacorda, while it subtly suggests that the villains of the tale may not be the demons, who only play their part in God’s plan… but the sinners. Malebolge Club is a new company that gathers around actors Franco Costantini, Giovanna Vigilanti, and Cesare Flamigni – who share a passion for Dante’s work – a group of young students of the “A. Baccarini” primary and secondary school of Russi, together with some of the children’s parents.

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