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Young Artists for Dante

Malafesta Theatre Company
Bob Dylan in Hell

Un viaggio nell’Inferno di Dante attraverso le canzoni di Bob Dylan

based on L’inferno di Bob Dylan (Arcana Edizioni 2018) by Luca Grossi
with Vinx Lamarmora
Enrico Gardini guitar and vocals
Gianluca Morelli piano and programming

Bob Dylan in Hell. A Journey through Dante’s Inferno with Bob Dylan’s songs
What has singer-songwriter Bob Dylan to do with poet Dante Alighieri? Dylan’s album Blood on the Tracks, released in 1975, bears the marks of damned souls, hollow places, deadly sins; but also features – in the song Tangled Up in Blue – a mention of Dante’s verses, whose words “rang true and glowed like burnin’ coal” and found their echo in Dylan’s very soul. Dante and Dylan are geographically and chronologically far-away, but also extremely close in the themes and moods of their poetry, and both possess a powerful voice; Dante is as modern as Dylan, and Dylan as deep as Dante. Bob Dylan in Hell, based on a book by Luca Grossi, travels through Dante’s Inferno with an exceptional soundtrack, the songs of Nobel prize-winner Bob Dylan, and with the guidance of the Malafesta Theatre Company. Founded in 2002 in Rimini, the company has already brought to stage Giulio Serafini’s works, while Bob Dylan in Hell is the first show signed by Grossi, joined by musicians Enrico Gardini and Gianluca Morelli.

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