di Marco Baliani e Lella Costa
collaborazione alla drammaturgia di Ilenia Carrone
e con David Marzi, Noemi Medas, Elisa Pistis, Luigi Pusceddu

musiche originali di Paolo Fresu con Gianluca Petrella
scene e costumi di Antonio Marras
scenografo associato Marco Velli
costumista associato Gianluca Sbicca
disegno luci di Loïc Francois Hamelin, Tommaso Contu
regia di Marco Baliani

una produzione Sardegna Teatro e Mismaonda srl
anteprima nazionale

Direct testimonies and shreds of stories from real life, handed down by those who have migrated from one shore to the other of a sea that, instead of uniting them, has become an abyss of suffering. Marco Baliani overcomes his own idea of narrative theatre and, with Lella Costa, investigates the boundary that separates the ‘human’ from the ‘inhuman’. The story, amplified through the voices of four young actors, addresses the issue of migration: men and women fleeing war and famine, hoping to find safety on the Italian coasts. These memories overlap with those of classical epics, and turn into myth. But not without irony, because only the theatre can deal with such horrible conflicting nodes with the lightness of a smile, visionary images and indomitable poetry.