Figli d’Arte Cuticchio
Histoire du soldat
music Igor Stravinsky
libretto Charles Ferdinand Ramuz

voice, stage adaptation and direction Mimmo Cuticchio

Soloists of the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
conductor Giovanni Conti

«Those who maintain that they only enjoy music to the full with their eyes shut do not hear better than when they have them open; on the contrary, the absence of visual distractions enables them to abandon themselves to the reveries induced by the lullaby of its sounds» (Stravinsky). So, why not entrust Mimmo Cuticchio’s puppets with a new tale about a violin-playing soldier duped by the devil? The wooden-heads are the ‘siblings’ of Petruška, whom the Russian composer himself considered «the immortal and unhappy hero of every fairs in all countries». Cuticchio’s ‘cuntu’ and the gestural expressiveness of his puppets will provide nourishment for the listener’s visual and auditory intelligence, while the Cherubini Soloists, conducted by the young Giovanni Conti, will bring the score to life.