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This event, scheduled in the Basilica di San Giovanni Evangelista, has been moved to the Refettorio del Museo Nazionale for technical reasons.

Tribute to Luciano Berio (1925-2003)
Harmonia Artificiosa

Elicia Silverstein & Marco Bianchi violins
Francesco Cera harpsichord & positive organ
music Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Luciano Berio and Marcello Panni*

* premiere

“If on a winter’s night… a violinist and musicologist should lament that, other than those of Bartók, there are not enough violin duets today, it can happen that a composer immediately sets himself to writing duets that very night, until the crack of dawn… and then more duets in moments of leisure, in different cities and hotels, between rehearsals, travelling, thinking of somebody, when looking for a present… This is what happened to me, and I am grateful to that nocturnal violinist whose name is given to one of these Duetti.” Berio borrowed Calvino’s words to explain how his violin duets were born out of friendship. One of the dedicatees was Marcello Panni, who, many years later, now reciprocates the gift with more duets, here premiered with those of Biber, the master of ‘scordatura’ and an unparalled example of the Baroque origins of this repertoire.

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