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Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier

Beethoven Fragments (2018)
excerpt from Beethoven Project – ballett by John Neumeier
music Ludwig van Beethoven
choreography, lighting concept and costume John Neumeier
set design Heinrich Tröger

Michal Bialk piano
Sebastiano Severi cello
Elicia Silverstein violin

Birthday Dances (1990)
music Leonard Bernstein, Divertimento for Orchestra
choreography John Neumeier

At Midnight (2013)
music Gustav Mahler from Rückert-Lieder
choreography, costume and set design John Neumeier

Benjamin Appl baritone
James Baillieu piano

Italian exclusive

John Neumeier, the most literate of choreographers and, probably, the last great Romantic in an epoch of postmodern performers, continues to bloom: an amazing octogenarian, he is still in full swing, always creating new productions or starting a new dance studio. And obviously he is still the leader of Hamburg Ballet, the “creature” he has been directing for over 45 years. On his second appearance at the Ravenna Festival, he will propose the Italian première of a triptych that showcases his best qualities: his capability to move from impressive, Beethoven-like symphonic ballets to the intimacy of a choreography based on Mahler’s Rückert-Lieder, or the effervescence of Bernstein’s “birthday dances”.

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