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Gruppo Nanou
We Want Miles, in a Silent Way

project Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci, Marco Maretti
choreography Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
set and colour design Marco Valerio Amico, Daniele Torcellini
lighting design Fabio Sajiz, Marco Valerio Amico
sound design Roberto Rettura
drums Bruno Dorella
with Carolina Amoretti, Rhuena Bracci, Marco Maretti, Chiara Montalbani

production Ravenna Festival, Nanou Associazione Culturale

with the support of La MaMa Umbria International, Città di Ebla/Ipercorpo, E-Production, Ravenna Ballet Studio
with the contribution of MIBACT, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Ravenna

Italian premiere

Nanou’s gradual approach to the world of Miles Davis has nothing to do with usual tributes. It is a game of reflections, where Nanou investigate and appropriate the compositional method of the brilliant composer of Kind of Blue, looking for similarities but in fact silencing the music. Moving from sounds to bodies, from jazz to choreography. Nanou and Davis share the same sense for instability, intercepted with a game of dancers using bodies, space, time, relationships, and a mix of lights and colours (with the help of an expert in chromatology, Daniele Torcellini). Nanou investigate the possibility for new dance worlds: they cut and paste, taking the cue from Davis’s titles (in alphabetical order!) to close on Dada suggestions. Spellbinding and clear-sighted, like an emotion born from the ashes of melancholy, capable of turning to a shamanic dance.

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