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Goran Bregović
From Sarajevo

Concert for three soloist violins, symphonic orchestra, and two voix bulgares
Goran Bregović & Wedding and Funeral Orchestra
Orchestra Arcangelo Corelli conductor Jacopo Rivani

Goran Bregović guitar, synthesizer, vocals

Band Gitana di fiati
Muharem Redžepi goc (traditional bass drum), vocals
Bokan Stankovic first trumpet
Dragic Velickovic second trumpet
Stojan Dimov sax, clarinet
Aleksandar Rajkovic first trombone, glockenspiel
Milos Mihajlovic second trombone

violins Zeid Zouari (Tunisia), Mirjana Neskovic (Serbia), Gershon Leizerson (Israel)

voix bulgares Ludmila Radkova Trajkova, Daniela Radkova-Aleksandrova

Sextet of male voices
Dejan Pesic first tenor
Ranko Jovic second tenor
Milan Panic second tenor
Aleksandar Novakovic baritone
Dusan Ljubinkovic bass
Sinisa Dutina bass

Italian premiere

Free roundtrip shuttle service for the events at the Pala De André, leaving from Piazza Farini (in front of the train station).
Departure times: 8.15 pm and 8.30 pm

“In his schedule, God did not plan to instruct us how to live together, so we will have to find a way ourselves.” This idea of coexistence was expressed by Goran Bregovich, born in Sarajevo, a city that was in turn ruled by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarians, the Yugoslavs and finally the Bosnians, inhabited by Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Catholics. Just a few hours’ drive from the Italian border, the “Jerusalem of Europe”, disputed and torn by wars throughout history, now inspires a concert for three solo violins and orchestra. Three different ways of playing the violin represent the three souls of Sarajevo: Western, Oriental and Klezmer, in a living musical proof of the fact that coexisting is possible, today more than ever.

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