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Revolutions in Music
Follie Corelliane I

violin Enrico Onofri

Imaginarium Ensemble
Alessandro Palmeri cello (playing a “Roman violone” – Simone Cimapane 1685 – used in Corelli’s orchestra)
Simone Vallerotonda archlute
Riccardo Doni harpsichord

Arcangelo Corelli
Violin Sonatas op. 5
no. 7 in D minor
no. 8 in E minor
no. 9 in A major
no. 10 in F major
no. 11 in E major
no. 12 in D minor “Follia”

Asking two different performers to interpret Corelli’s Violin Sonatas means comparing different styles as well as highlighting the infinite possibilities of these scores. Nothing is taken for granted here: not the pitch standard, nor the choice of the basso continuo (the author himself called them Sonatas for violin and violone or harpsichord), not to mention ornamentation. And it was precisely the study of non-notated ornamentation, usually left to the discretion of the soloist, which, since the 18th century, have given birth to different interpretations contemporary performers can refer to for their own embellishments. But the real touchstone for the talents of Enrico Onofri and Stefano Montanari will be the Sonata, no. 12, an extraordinary series of variations on a theme, known as La Follia.