ideazione e interpretazione Elena Bucci, Chiara Muti

disegno luci Loredana Oddone
drammaturgia del suono Raffaele Bassetti

in collaborazione con la Compagnia Le Belle Bandiere
produzione Ravenna Festival

In a small attempt to enlighten the mystery of Shakespeare, the two actresses will turn the silent park into a sort of playroom where light white stages welcome the shadows of some major and minor characters escaped from the Great Bard’s plots. They will try to enter the inter-natural world, suspended between dream and reality, life and death, philosophy and magic, evoked by Shakespeare’s creatures: the witches of Macbeth, Ariel and Caliban from the island of The Tempest, inhabited by spirits. Just like, four centuries ago, Elizabethan male actors played female characters since women were banned from the stage, two women will now move between the different natures of men and women, re-reading Shakespeare’s magic words, capable of surviving time, translation and all possible betrayals.