photos by Lelli and Masotti

Empty with memory
The suspended time of Palazzo San Giacomo
video installation Silvia Lelli
music Luigi Ceccarelli
created for Ravenna Festival

A snapshot captures the instant in a performance, freezing a gesture in an image that conveys its strength and meaning: Lelli and Masotti have always kept a careful eye on musical performance with their exemplary, intense shots. This personal and evocative B&W journey unwinds among the protagonists of different music genres from the Seventies onwards: Demetrio Stratos to Maurizio Pollini, Miles Davis to Arvo Pärt. “Empty with memory”, instead, was born in seventeenth-century Palazzo San Giacomo, Russi: an empty space, freed from the passions of everyday life and from all human presence. With Silvia Lelli’s shots and Luigi Ceccarelli’s soundscape, this empty space reveals its indefinite charm and light, temporarily escaping oblivion.