© Marco Parollo

Fanny & Alexander
Addio Fantasmi
based on Nadia Terranova‘s novel by the same name (Einaudi, 2018)

direction Luigi De Angelis
dramaturgy and costume design Chiara Lagani
on stage Anna Bonaiuto e Valentina Cervi

music and sound design Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio
costumes Chiara Lagani
with the voicesi Mirto Baliani, Consuelo Battiston, Silvio Lagani, Marco Molduzzi, Margherita Mordini, Rodolfo Sacchettini
sound and technical supervision Mirto Baliani
machinist Raffaele Basile
organization Maria Donnoli, Marco Molduzzi, Gianni Parrella

co-production Ravenna Festival, E Production / Fanny & Alexander, Infinito Produzioni, Progetto Goldstein, Argot Produzioni
thanks to Moellhausen fragrances, Valerio Vigliar
special thanks to Nadia Terranova


Ida arrives in Messina, where her mother has called her back to renovate the family flat. Surrounded by the usual objects of her former life, Ida must come to terms with the ancient trauma of her father’s disappearance, when he left one morning and never returned. His absence determined the silence with her mother, her own identity, based on an anomaly, and her relationship with her husband. But now that she is besieged in her childhood home, she must break the spell and finally get her father off the stage. The play builds on the obsession with the physical space of the dilapidated house, overlapped with the psychic space, and liberates the ghosts that haunt both mother and daughter. The aim is to exorcise their power, and circulate the crucial images that govern the most ancestral relationships.

The event will be streamed starting from 12 July at 9 pm on ravennafestival.live

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