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The Festival in Russi
Enzo Avitabile “Attraverso l’acqua“
with Francesco De Gregori, Tony Esposito and I Bottari di Portico

I Bottari di Portico
Carmine Romano patrol leader
Francesco Stellato, Luigi Natale, Massimo Piccirillo vat
Raffaele Iodice, Raffaele D’Amico barrel

Gianluigi Di Fenza guitar
Mario Rapa drums
Diego Carboni keyboard
Gianpaolo Palmieri basso
Antonio Bocchino alto sax
Carmine Pascarella trumpet

Ensemble di fiati Scorribanda
Vincenzo Arricale, Giuseppe Bove tenor sax
Maurizio Conte alto sax
Alessio Castaldi baritone sax
Michele Pascarella, Amerigo Pota trumpet
Vincenzo Vuolo trombone
Pietro Natale bass tuba

Enzo Avitabile has got us used to a skilful mix of different styles and genres, ranging from world music to Neapolitan song, from jazz fusion to soul, and resulting in a unique, unmistakable style. A perfect example is his album Lotto infinito (2016), which features duets with a dozen of the most important Italian and North African artists, and which includes the song that gives a name to this project. The song was written in Lampedusa for the first screening of Music Life, the documentary portrait Jonathan Demme dedicated to Avitabile, and deals with the tragedy of the migrants who flood the island, but also with the migration of our inner self; it is a song of welcome as well as a meditation on the reality around us.

The Programme