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The 100 Electric Guitars
We Sing the Body Electric

Electric Guitar in My Life

Luca Nostro electric guitar (PMCE)

Michele Tadini Scenario for electric guitar and live electronics
Maurizio Pisati War ar Du for electric guitar and audio-video track
Fausto Romitelli Trash TV Trance for electric guitar
Alessandro Ratoci Sexy Killers and Confused Idols (new composition commissioned by Ravenna Festival) for electric guitar and live electronics
Jacob TV Grab it for electric guitar and audio-video track

Concerto per chitarra solitaria

In which a journey across peaceful waters turns into a shipwreck

Bruno Dorella electric guitar


with the participation of PMCE – Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble
in collaboration with Fondazione Musica per Roma

A year ago, an article published by the Washington Post about the Death of the Electric Guitar caused a big turmoil. It’s a sign of the time: the “six-string electric” is probably no longer the central instrument in popular music it used to be in the second half of the XX century. But the electric guitar still plays an increasingly important role in some contemporary music, as evidenced by the work of Luca Nostro, Tonino Battista and PMCE. And the heart of these series of concerts lies right in the extraordinary fascination of the electric guitar, with the scores of musicians who, in recent decades, have translated the instrument’s peculiarities — and its ineffable, magnetic sensuality — into an unpredictable otherness.

Le 100 Chitarre Elettriche Magazine