© Jenny Carboni

Duo Gazzana: tribute to Andrej Tarkovskij

Natascia Gazzana violin
Raffaella Gazzana piano

music Johann Sebastian Bach, Bach-Busoni, Arvo Pärt, Valentin Silvestrov, Tõnu Kõrvits, Olivier Messiaen

From the clamour of the revolution to the often painful silences that are an expression of the Russian soul, typically steeped in deep spirituality and capable of expressing itself both visually and aurally. Tonight’s concert pays tribute to the universe of Andrej Tarkovsky, the unparalleled creator of evocative soulscapes and spiritual values, who recognized the cinema’s cultural importance at a time when this art was still young, enriching his films with paintings and music by celebrated artists. Similarly, Duo Gazzana now combine the director’s beloved Bach with deeply spiritual contemporary composers, interpreting the music Tarkovsky cherished alongside other scores that would have touched his heart.