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The New-Found Song of the Lyre

Tribute to Valentyn Sylvestrov

Duo Gazzana

Natascia Gazzana violin
Raffaella Gazzana piano

Valentin Silvestrov Hommage à Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach Sarabanda from the Partita no. 2 in D minor for solo violin, BWV 1004
Valentin Silvestrov 3 Bagattelles op. 1 for piano
Valentin Silvestrov Four pieces dedicated to the Duo Gazzana
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sonata no. 27 in G major for violin and piano, K. 379
Valentin Silvestrov Der Bote-1996 for solo piano
Eugène Ysaÿe Malinconia from the Sonata op. 27 n. 2 for solo violin
Valentin Silvestrov Five pieces

Music from afar, light and soft as a memory; a melodic, harmonic world unveiling itself in the dynamics, the whispering pianissimo or the echo effects… In a continuous game of references to the past and his inspiring sources, Valentin Silvestrov alternates memories and deformations: Bach and Mozart are echoed in his Hommage à J.S. Bach and in Der Bote, and Ysaÿe’s Malinconia, “à la Bach”, is a prelude to the dreamy, intimate mood of the Five Pieces. Four Pieces are then dedicated to the protagonists of this concert: it’s the Maestro’s genuine tribute sealing their human and artistic bond. And then the Bagattelles: miniatures that vanish as soon as they are uttered. Surprisingly, melodic freshness and inventiveness reign over all things in an era of disharmony and fragmentation.

1st Part 30’ – Intermission 10’ – 2nd Part 45’
Total 1h 25’

The programme