© Luca Concas

Due Regine
Mary Stuart vs Elizabeth Tudor
Elizabeth Tudor vs Mary Stuart

based on a concept and a dramaturgical research by Elena Bucci
dramaturgy, direction and performance 
Elena Bucci and Chiara Muti

lighting design Vincent Longuemare
sound dramaturgy Raffaele Bassetti
costume design Marta Benini, Manuela Monti
hair and make-up consultant Bruna Calvaresi
collaboration for the staging Nicoletta Fabbri

production Le belle bandiere
in collaboration with Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale e Fondazione Campania dei Festival – Campania Teatro Festival
with the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Russi

Two Queens: two women of different faiths, clashing personalities, opposite signs of the zodiac, conflicting visions of politics, life, love, and divergent destinies. Two actresses-directors in the roles of Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor, queens and cousins locked in an endless duel. Life for one means death for the other: sparing nothing for the sake of victory, they sacrifice mercy to war and intrigue. Historical evidence and drama combine to conjure up ghosts and dreams, interweaving narrative and autobiography… The queens who had never met face to face come together here, and their vision of power, no longer the “masculine” vision they had learned from their fathers, may, who knows, be the harbinger of peace.

The Programme