presentazione del libro fotografico
“Fotodiagnostik” di Davide Baldrati (Danilo Montanari Editore)

Concerto scenico di canti alpini
di Michela Marangoni e Laura Redaelli (Teatro delle Albe)

How immense are the mountains, whose magnificence easily pervades art and the human feelings! The same happens in La doppia anima della montagna, an event that mixes image and song, photography and drama, stillness and movement, two different ways of relating to the transcendence of mountaintops.
In the first part, photographer Davide Baldrati presents his book, Fotodiagnostik: in it he immortalized the Dolomites peaks reflected in the lake of Antermoia, with the same disturbing effects of the inkblots of the Rorschach test. Actresses Michela Marangoni and Laura Redaelli will then amplify and transfigure these perceptions on the verge between dizziness and spirituality with their Alpine songs, the new stage in their vocal research.