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The show that makes science play

Vittorio Cosma tastiere
Roberto Angelini chitarra e voce
Luca Cognetti chitarra
Gianni Maroccolo basso
Simone Filippi batteria

with Telmo Pievani
Professor of Philosophy of the Biological Sciences
University of Padua

production Fondazione AIRC in collaboration with Deproducers

Disseminating science and the ways of research—straight or twisted as they may be—that lead to extraordinary or unexpected discoveries, is the aim of Deproducers, whose multimedia shows bring on the stage the protagonists of Italian scientific research. In DNA, the front-man and exceptional narrator is eminent philosopher and evolutionist Telmo Pievani, who explains: “starting from the origins of life, we will explore the perverse logic of genetic mutations like cancer, and try to understand how we can defeat it.” He will share the stage with singer Roberto Angelini, while the guitar, bass, keyboards, and drumkit beat the rhythm of the evolution of life. And here’s how a scientific conference is transformed into an unexpected, fascinating and exciting live show.

The Programme