© Silvia Lelli

In the Veins of America

Dennis Russell Davies, Maki Namekawa
piano duo

Keith Jarrett
Italian premiere

Philip Glass

Igor’ Stravinskij
Le sacre du printemps
(composer’s transcription for a four-handed piano)

In an ideal history of the piano, the US’s contribution is invaluable: from Louis Moreau Gottschalk downwards, star-spangled pianism has been totally innovative in hybridizing a variety of performing styles and modes: East and West as well as East and West Coast, improvisation and bold graphic scores. Keith Jarrett and Philip Glass provide perfect examples of original piano composition deriving from musical experiences with no spatial/temporal boundaries. Classical music, jazz and Eastern sounds and philosophies merge into a spiritual but not mystical approach and celebrate the ‘ritual’ of music. A journey whose infectious energy is pervaded by a distinct sound spatiality, where the quiet horizontality of the great outdoors meets the nervously rhythmical verticality of metropolitan skylines.

1st Part 50’ – Intermission 15’ – 2nd Part 30’
Total 1h 35’

The programme