A Passage to India

The Darbar Festival in Ravenna

A tribute to India in the 70th anniversary of its independence

June, 22 | Sala Corelli of Alighieri Theatre (3.30 pm)

Carnatic music demonstration with Ranjani & Gayatri
Ticket € 5

June 22 | Sala Corelli of the Alighieri Theatre (6 pm)

Screening of the documentary film “Alain Daniélou: Il Labirinto di una vita”
director Riccardo Biadene
production FIND Fondazione India-Europa di Nuovi Dialoghi (Switzerland)
co-production KAMA Productions (Italy)
running time 78 minuti – Italian subtitles
The author will be present
Free admission

June, 22 | Basilica di San Vitale (9.30 pm)

Escape into Night Ragas
Debasmita Bhattacharya sarod
Gurdain Rayatt tabla
General admission € 20 – 18*

June, 23 | Sala Corelli del Alighieri Theatre (10 am)

Demonstration lesson of rudra vinā with Ustad Bhauddin Dagar
Ticket € 5

June, 23 | Sala Corelli Alighieri Theatre (5.30 pm)
June, 24 | Sala Corelli Alighieri Theatre (12 pm)

hatha yoga lesson by Kanwal Ahluwaliai
Giuliano Modarelli guitar
Lesson € 10

June, 23 | Alighieri Theatre (9 pm)

Epic Ragas double bill

Manjusha Patil Kulkarni khayal vocal singing
Milind Kulkarni harmonium
Gurdain Rayatt tabla
Seetal Dhadyalla and Kiruthika Nadaraja tanpura

Pandit Kushal Das sitar
Shashank Subramanium flauto carnatico
Shubhankar Banerjee tabla
Patri Satish Kumar mridangam
Mithila Sarma and Kiruthika Nadaraja tanpura

General admission € 30 – 26*

June, 24 | Basilica di San Francesco (10 am)

Glorious Morning Ragas
Praveen Godkhindi bansuri
Subhankar Banerjee tabla
General admission € 20 – 18*

June, 24 | Sala Corelli of Alighieri Theatre (3 pm)

Demonstration lesson of bansuri with Shashank Subramanium
Ticket € 5

June, 24 | Alighieri Theatre (9 pm)

Raga Time Travel double bill

Ustad Bhauddin Dagar rudra vinā
Pelva Naik dhrupad vocal singing
Surdarshan Chana jori
Seetal Dhadyalla and Kiruthika Nadaraja tanpura

Ranjani & Gayatri khayal vocal singing
Patri Satish Kumar mridangam
Giridhar Udupa ghatam
Jyotsna Shrikanth violin
Mithila Sarma and Kiruthika Nadaraja tanpura

General admission € 30 – 26*

With the support of Embassy of India Rome

Block of tickets € 90 – 80*

“The art music of the present day is a direct descendant of these ancient schools, whose traditions have been handed down with comment and expansion in the guilds of the hereditary musicians. While the words of a song may have been composed at any date, the musical themes communicated orally from master to disciple are essentially ancient. As in other arts and in life, so here also India presents to us the wonderful spectacle of the still surviving consciousness of the ancient world, with a range of emotional experience rarely accessible to those who are preoccupied with the activities of over-production, and intimidated by the economic insecurity of a social order based on competition.”  (Ananda K. Coomaraswamy)

Started in England in 2006 as a tribute to the legendary tabla player Bhai Gurmit Singh Virdee, the Darbar Festival brings together eminent maestros of Indian classical music and young musicians born in the diaspora, who cannot speak the language of their fathers and would otherwise be likely to discover their own extraordinary cultural heritage when it is too late In the new multi-ethnic, multi-religious, post-colonial society, the challenge consists in equating Dhrupad singing with Mahler, or poet/dramatist Kalidasa with Shakespeare… This is why the masters sit among the audience: they are no longer court musicians but just artists, and the main traditions of Indian classical music (Hindustani, Carnatic, Dhrupad) lose their elitist character and become accessible to everybody.