conceived and directed by Simone Corso
with Francesco Natoli, Michele Falica, Luca D’Arrigo, Carmelo Crisafulli, Stefano Cutrupi, Adriana Mangano, Veronica Capodici, Beatrice Lembo
costumes and props Giulia Drogo
assistant director Adriana Mangano

Dante Alighieri died in Ravenna on September 13, 1321. He died and was reborn, made immortal in our memory by his poetry. This dream is dreamed with the Poet’s own eyes: Dante reinvents the very last moments of his own life and draws a line between his human death and the eternity he conquered as a Poet. The performer’s body, music, speech and silence will do this through man’s incredible machine, a true synthesis of the universe and a unique inspiration for the illustrious Florentine.