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Young Artists for Dante

Associazione Satiri di Storie
Dante is back

di e con Marco Di Giorgio

Dora Scapolatempore arpa e loop station
Sonia Caputo canto
Alessandro Girami regia
Cecilia Sacchi scenografia

in collaborazione con Società Dante Alighieri

Dante awakens from his grave in the heart of present-day Ravenna. He travels far and wide throughout Italy and, on his return, he finds out that the biggest pop star of the moment, Bea, will give a concert right next to his place. Out of sympathy for her, Dante decides he will recite to her the poem he has composed about his trip.
This narrative enables us to analyse how the notion of time evolved, from Dante’s conception to our own. This is the starting point for the protagonist’s own journey: like a new Dante who is suddenly thrown into 2018, he will reflect on our ephemeral assimilation of information and knowledge, on the sense of guilt we are prey to when we feel we cannot keep pace with the world, on the speed and tight rhythms that no longer allow us to spend time with ourselves.
All is narrated in a satirical key, in an ironic ‘rewriting’ of the contemporary world as seen through the eyes of a man who lived at the turn of the 13th and14th centuries.

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