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Duets and Solos

Beatrice Rana and Mario Brunello
with the stars of dance

curated by Daniele Cipriani

Mario Brunello cello
Beatrice Rana piano

Silvia Azzoni (Hamburg Ballet)
Sergio Bernal (former Spanish National Ballet)
Hugo Marchand (Opéra de Paris)
Matteo Miccini (Stuttgart Ballet)
Alexandre Ryabko (Hamburg Ballet)
Iana Salenko (Staatsballett Berlin)
Marian Walter (Staatsballett Berlin)

music consultant Gastón Fournier-Facio

by Johann Sebastian Bach
from Variazioni Goldberg, BWV 988
piano Beatrice Rana

Morte del cigno
choreography Michel Fokine (1901)
music Camille Saint-Saëns
Le Cygne (da Le carnaval des animaux) for cello and piano
dancer Iana Salenko

choreography Edward Clug
music Fryderyk Chopin
Notturno op. 9 n. 1 in si bemolle minore per pianoforte
dancer Matteo Miccini

choreography John Neumeier (2005)
music Fryderyk Chopin
Notturno in do minore KK IVb/8 per pianoforte
Notturno op. 48 n. 1 in do minore per pianoforte
dancer Silvia Azzoni e Alexandre Ryabko

A Suite of Dances
(performed by permissions of The Robbins Trust)
choreography Jerome Robbins (per Mikhail Baryshnikov, 1994)
music Johann Sebastian Bach
Preludio e Giga dalla Suite n. 1 in sol maggiore per violoncello solo, BWV 1007
Sarabanda dalla Suite n. 5 in do minore per violoncello solo, BWV 1011
Preludio dalla Suite n. 6 in re maggiore per violoncello solo, BWV 1012
dancer Hugo Marchand

Folia de Caballeros
choreography Sergio Bernal
music Variazioni sul tema della follia (trascrizione da Cesare Freddi e Laura Serra per violoncello e pianoforte)
dancers Sergio Bernal and Matteo Miccini

di Rodion Ščedrin (dal II atto di Not Love Alone)
ncello Mario Brunello
piano Beatrice Rana

choreography Roland Petit
music Jules Massenet
Méditation (da Thaïs) per violoncello e pianoforte
dancers Iana Salenko and Marian Walter

(a creation for Duets and Solos)
choreography Sergio Bernal (2020)
music Gaspar Cassadó
dalla Suite n. 3 per violoncello solo
dancer Sergio Bernal

La Valse
by Maurice Ravel
piano Beatrice Rana

choreography Uwe Scholz
musica Sergej Rachmaninov
Andante dalla Sonata in sol minore op.19 per violoncello e pianoforte
dancers Silvia Azzoni and Alexandre Ryabko

The Swan
choreography Ricardo Cue
music Camille Saint-Saëns
Le Cygne (da Le carnaval des animaux) for cello and piano
dancer Sergio Bernal

in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova – Festival del Balletto di Nervi

And, after the dark night of Covid-19, we will “come forth to rebehold the stars”. This is possible. This will be done in Ravenna: ballet étoiles and music stars will come together in an intimate event where measures will be taken to keep the audience safe. Safety will be granted on stage as well, since the programme features intimate solos and pas-de deux to be performed by real-life partners, who can get close without violating social distancing requirements. Silvia Azzoni and Alexander Ryabko from John Neumeier’s prestigious Hamburg Ballet will present an extremely romantic programme of nocturnes and moonlit sonatas. Then, from Berlin with love, another husband-and-wife team—Iana Salenko and Marian Walter—will perform more pas de deux, alternating on stage with Serge Bernal’s flamenco-inspired choreographies, and with Matteo Miccini’s solo from Edward Clug’s piece Ssss. A male pas de deux will close the programme, danced at a distance on Corelli’s Folia de Caballeros. Hugo Marchand will then feature solo on the jazz-tinged rhythms of Jerome Robbins’s Suite of Dances, created for Baryshnikov.
More musical solos will be proposed by two prominent artists: the experienced Mario Brunello, performing on a period instrument, which he alternates to his 17th-century Maggini cello; and young pianist Beatrice Rana, an emerging talent. They will alternate in solos including Bach’s Chaconne and Goldberg Variations as well as scores specifically selected to suit the choreographies, in a starry night of heavenly music and bodily harmonies.

The Programme