conceived and directed by Angelica Aurora Montanari
coreography Raffaele Irace
conductor Diego Occhiali
Diego Occhiali, Tommy Ruggero batteria e percussioni
Lorenzo Mantovani soundscapes

danzatrici Vittoria Carpegna, Veronica Morello
assistente di compagnia Alessandra Mazzetti

sponsored by the Department of Cultural Heritage
University of Bologna and Teatrino dell’Es 

A dreamlike journey through Dante’s Inferno, among seductive demons, monsters and such bestial hybrids as the Harpies, the Minotaur, Malacoda and his gang of demons, Malebranche. Music and dance will evoke the world of Persephone in the devouring maws of the fallen angel, where beauty, damnation and poetry give life to an incredible and wonderful universe.