Conflitti, giustizia, mediazione, riconciliazione

Adolfo Ceretti ordinario di criminologia, Università di Milano-Bicocca
Danila Indirli magistrato presso la Corte d’Appello di Bologna
introduce Enzo Morgagni

in collaborazione con
Comitato Romagna-Camaldoli

The project dedicated to the work of Nelson Mandela, a patient but resolute builder of bridges and freedom, is fully congenial to the theme of the Via Sancti Romualdi’s fifth edition. The conference investigates the question of national and international practice in conflicts resolution, with a view to a new kind of justice (“restorative justice”) achieved through mediation. It is a subject Dr Ceretti has been working on for several years. Some case studies refer to Mandela’s South Africa, others to the Italian situation, but what they have in common is the search for a viable way for all the men and women of good will that strive to keep the flame of hope, solidarity and justice alive.