© Luca Concas

For the candidature of the Natural Park of Sasso Fratino “UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site”
Concerto Trekking

Classica Orchestra Afrobeat
Njamy Sitson soloist

Alessandro Bonetti violin
Anna Palumbo balafon, calebasse, percussion
Cristiano Buffolino percussion
Cristina Adamo flute, ottavino
Elide Melchioni bassoon, ocarina, choirs
Fabio Gaddoni cello
Francesco Giampaoli doublebass, bass, guitar
Manuela Trombini viola
Marco Zanotti kamalen’goni, percussion, calebasse
Silvia Turtura oboe, cnglish horn
Tim Trevor-Briscoe clarinet, bass clarinet
Valeria Montanari harpsichord, glockenspiele, choirs
Valeria Nasci percussion, choirs

in collaboration with Trail Romagna

Our trek will take us into the heart of the Casentino Forests, to the jewel of the strict nature reserve of Sasso Fratino, an immense green maze, an enchanted place characterized by craggy steeps and rocky outcrops. Out of the usual paths and untrodden by man (sometimes even forbidden), this place is still as natural as can be, with its incredible wealth of spontaneous tree species growing and adapting to the inevitable cycle of natural life. The woods’ chorus will be joined by an ensemble devoted to the cathartic contemplation of the voices of nature, Classica Orchestra Afrobeat, who will create an imaginary habitat where the human and the divine meet in primitive harmony.