Postponed to 2024

Ravenna Festival’s Preview
Trekking Concert
On the occasion of the candidature of the Regional Park of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola for the Unesco World Heritage List

9.30 am 14 km, elevation gain +520
10 am 4 km elevation gain +90)

Country Music vs Romagna Folk, 6.30 pm
A challenge in music and dance

with The Crazy Bulls Band & Ballet vs Gruppo Folkloristico alla Casadei Bruno Malpassi

at the same time, the culinary challenge Romagna – USA Streetfood Experience
curated by ChefToChef Emilia Romagna Cuochi

in collaborazione con

At the turn of the century, just as the “holy triad” of ballroom dancing—the “new” couple dances of waltz, polka and mazurka—was taking hold in Romagna, Country Dancing was born in the old, wild American West, a melting pot of cultures brought in by pioneers from all over Europe and best represented by the mythical figure of the quintessential cowboy in hat and spurs. In both countries, the natural dynamism of the dances became fixed in a set of rules, and soon moved from barns and yards to dance halls and dedicated venues. But it never lost the thrilling enthusiasm that still animates the dancers, who plunge into the frenzy of the dance or, as in this case, into the euphoria of a contest where the wild lines of country music challenge the “liscio” and its atomic polkas: after all, the great plains of the American West are not so far from the Romagna flatland.