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Ci sono giorni che non accadono mai
by Valerio Cappelli

with Sergio Castellitto and Isabella Ferrari
direction Sergio Castellitto
original music Ennio Morricone
(recorded by the Orchestra Arcangelo Corelli, conductor Jacopo Rivani)

World premiere
Co-production Ravenna Festival, Festival Puccini e Prima International Company

Two great actors, Sergio Castellitto and Isabella Ferrari, together on stage for the first time in their careers. A previously unreleased score by legendary double Oscar-winning composer Ennio Morricone. And a subject of topical interest: love in the time of Covid-19. The story features two characters: Evaristo is a musician and lives in Rome; Silvia is a beautician and lives in Piacenza. Facebook brought them together some time ago. They couldn’t be more different. And yet they became friends, they met in person, he met her partner. During lockdown they stay connected, pouring out their hearts to each other, trying to handle their failing relationships through distress and anxiety. In isolation, imagination runs wild. They soon build an emotional connection. Phone calls become daily. They talk about lost sexual intimacy with their respective partners. Their complicity grows more explicit. When they start sexting, all inhibitions are lifted. They dream together in a dimension of freedom. They swear love to each other. But time wears on, and they can’t meet in person during lockdown. Deceptions, promises, boredom, illusions. Reality will take its toll. It’s a fast game of anomalous table tennis: were we actually living normal lives before? And are we really sure there is no parallel world? A virtual story that relies on verbal sensuality; a variation on the eternal theme of love and death; a thriller of the soul. Suggestions from Tarantino and Schnitzler; moments drenched in desperate irony. A depiction of loneliness, and of the helplessness of feelings in the suspended time of the virus. Week after week, the waiting becomes intolerable. There are days that never happen.

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