© Angelo Palmieri

Young Artists for Dante

Caronte… ad astratti furori

di Stellario Di Blasi

ideazione e coreografia Stellario Di Blasi
danza Danilo Smedile
musiche di Yamamoto Kotzuga

produzione PinDoc Onlus
con il sostegno di Permutazioni

presentato in collaborazione con Cantieri Danza
vincitore del bando Danza Urbana XL, azione del Network Anticorpi XL

si ringrazia Ravenna Ballet Studio

in collaborazione con Società Dante Alighieri

That winter I was in the grip of abstract furies. I won’t be more specific, that’s not what I’ve set out to relate. But I have to say that they were abstract, not heroic, not living; in some way they were furies for all doomed humanity. […]. That was the terrible thing: the calm in the midst of hopelessness. Believing humanity to be doomed and not burning with a fever to do anything about it; wanting to doom myself as an example of it instead. I was agitated by abstract furies, but they didn’t stir my blood, and I was calm, I desired nothing. […] but inside, I was agitated by abstract furies.

The opening of Elio Vittorini’s Conversation in Sicily inspired this first study with the sentiment of a totally free dance. A journey into the memory of young Charon, at a time when his ferocity had not yet reached its peak: young Charon, the one who was horrendously destined to become the ferryman of Hades. This work casts an intimate look into a secret moment, outside of time and far from active life, which is a mix of awareness, resignation, symbolism and emptiness. And while he is waiting for souls to carry in order to fulfil his duty, this death dance reveals to us the abstract furies of lonely wandering, and the attempt at a spiritual awakening in response to malaise and to the sense of inertia and impotence in dealing with the suffering of mankind.

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